Treasury Bills

I have long been thinking of buying Philippine treasury bills. Few months ago, i passed by National Bookstore and dropped by reading some investment books. One book mentioned that investing in treasury bills is the safest and the least risky business. So, I did some research about it. I surfed the net and visited (online) some established banks in the Philippines.

Based on my research, Treasury Bills or T-Bills is one of the securities issued by the government through the Bureau of Treasury to an entity who would like to lend money to the government. T-Bills serve as evidence of indebtedness of the Philippine government to a certain entity or individual. This can be transacted through various Philippines banks such as Philippine National Bank, Land Bank of the Philippines, Bank of the Philippine Islands, among others. Most Banks require a minimum of P100,000 investment.

Interests rates are very minimal in exchange for the fact that it is the least risky among other investment opportunities; although dividends are released quarterly.

Nevertheless, your money is safe, it grows, and one good thing, maybe to those who consider loaning in the days ahead, T-Bills certificates, which are issued by banks, could serve as collateral as well.

Today, if only I have P500,000, I will invest at least P100,000 in T-Bills. What do you think?

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