2 hours and 15 Minutes More!

I am still in the office. Feeling empty of thoughts. Thoughts about tomorrow and the days looked ahead.

2 hours and 15 minutes more to go before Xavier Days (December 3-6). Xavier Days are the most celebrated days of the year of Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan. What is so special about this year is that it is the 75th year since its foundation. A diamond jubilee, indeed, and tomorrow will be the grandest of all nights ever, we hope.

As the secretariat head, i didn't know where to put myself because it seemed like the entire executive committee is itself the secretariat. Yeah, we have been preparing since September to avoid rushes and 11th hour stresses. It seemed to be the best preparation and the best committee i have ever joined. In fact, I couldn't imagine those lines my fellow once told me about the possible realities despite the preparations. I had so much trust to each committee member and I even acknowledged and paid the highest regard to each fellow.

Then, counting the days left, 14, 13, 12.....7, 6, 5, 4, 3 ,2 and, TODAY, the board states "1 day to XU@75 Festival Days."

And, TODAY, i just realized that so much are yet hanging. Well, I am not at any level of stress admittedly; perhaps because I was once like these 11th hour supermen. hahahaha.. I am not even bothered by the gaps I see today. I am just thankful that I see them and hope that in less than an hour now, I could think for gap fillers. In situations like this, I always tell myself to keep cool, be still, think right, act right, and speak right.

I know tomorrow I will be trialed, if i may look ahead based on what had been. I already expected unsound lines from the chairperson, like she always do to which we often commented. She is used to tick us off when she doesn't like what others are doing. And, we are used to receiving lines we don't deserve. Like, when she couldn't tell off the main person, she yells at us. Yes, exasperating it is.

well, I just pray that tomorrow, she'll be otherwise, or we'll become more patient and even more still.

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