Japan: Stores are Closed; Shelves are Empty of Food Only Liquor

From BBC Live:

The BBC's Chris Hogg in Tokyo says stores are running out of supplies and don't know when fresh stock will arrive. A shopping mall near the BBC office has been closed and none of the restaurants are open, he says. Some stores say they are closing to save energy supplies, following a government appeal. Streets "quieter than normal, almost deserted".
-http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-12307698 -
I don't really know how Japan will cope with this unexpected crises. You see how a developed country can be so devastated. We don't really know what's ahead of us. I just thank God for sparing the Philippines. God has given the Philippines so many chances already. I hope and pray that Japan's tragedy will be enough to awaken the Filipinos. From what? From all sorts of evil ways.

Dream House

Every child dreams of having a decent house. Back when I was a little girl, my dream house was a house around a fruit farm; a house surrounded by beautiful flowers with plenty of farm animals and a swimming pool. We had a small fruit farm, but we didn’t have a house there. There was just a very small hut where we could rest or hide ourselves should it rain. We didn’t have a farm animal, while some neighbors had plenty. We were glad that a creek was just along our small farm. My siblings used to bathe themselves joyfully and I could still remember my younger brother being sucked by that haemophagic leech. Those blissful experiences influenced my childhood dream of a house. And, that dream is still my dream today, minus the swimming pool as I don’t find it practical yet.

On Hospital Uniforms

I stayed in the hospital for five times already, of course I don’t want for more. The first was in 1981 when I was born of which I don’t know how everything looked like; second was in 2007 when my mother attacked from hypertension; the third and fourth were last year – 2010 – when I delivered my baby and when we had him admitted a month after for a water-borne disease; and, the last one was January of this year, when my husband was confined for measles.

During my stay in 2007, things were really far-off to me except for those in scrubs and in white lab coats. Yet, I would wonder about the difference in colors of these hospital uniforms. Definitely, those in white scrubs were nurses, while those in white lab coats were doctors. ‘What about those pale green scrubs, light blue scrubs, pastel yellow scrubs, and animated scrubs,’ I wondered. As always, I don’t wanna die in wonder, so, I asked those people in scrubs; then I knew that those in pale green scrubs were machine operators, those in light blue scrubs were medical technologists, those in pastel yellow scrubs were physical therapists, while those in animated scrubs were nursing aides and caregivers.

Scrub color assignments differ though from one hospital to another. One good thing I like about the variety of hospital uniforms is that medical workers are easily recognized.

Japanese Songs

Last December my Japanese boss gave me an Apple iPod classic. Since he's a Japanese, the iPod contains more than a hundred Japanese songs. Although I don't understand the language, I still like listening to many songs because of the soft beat, ballad, and classical styles. I researched the lyrics of some of the songs I like and I was happy because they have English translations online. Fortunately, those I like are of good meaning.


Wallets. How much do you have?

I have quite a lot of small small wallets in my room. I did not really buy them. Not anyone of them. Everything was given by aunts, friends, sisters, church mates, and as mercury drug store giveaway. Last night after purchasing several items from mercury drug, the pharmacist handed me another mercury drug wallet. So, I have 3 mercury drug wallets now. I have always asked myself how should I use them, then I remember that every December my family is giving away goods and items to our relatives. So, let me just keep these mercury drug wallets until December.

Small Desk

When I first opened my small business enterprise, among the first furniture I bought was a desk for the cashier. I chose the one which has two drawers. The first drawer is for the cash, while the second is for the receipts and the book of accounts.

For now, this small desk is enough because we are yet starting. Eventually, we will buy the big one to accommodate and organize stuff like keys, chains, and padlocks while the store is open; tax and other government-required documents; some small belongings of my staff; and basic things like cutters, scissors, tapes, staplers and staple wires, clips, calculators, pens, and markers.

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