Kazue's Development

Baby Kaz is 4 months and 5 days old now. I just realized that I should have written his development from 0-present. It will surely guide me and mark should we have the second baby, although that wouldn't be too soon. It's not yet too late to write though; besides, I have kept [of course] his photographs so I could just return to them and develop the words along.

At birth Kaz weighed 6 pounds and 10 ounces. He was 53 centimeters long. At that time, he could already turn to his side and open his eyes widely. His reflexes and senses are normal as he responded to corresponding stimulus. He had his BCG and Hep B vaccines. He had his new born screening, too, and thank God that everything is normal.

At 1 and half month, baby Kaz could already follow me with his eyes. I really enjoyed the first day he showed me that skill. While sucking for milk, he would turn to his back when somebody talks from their. At that time, he could happily move his arms and legs. Kaz was a happy child and still is.

Just 3 days before he turned 2 months, he had his 6-in-1 vaccination of IPV, DPT, Hep B, Polio, Influenza, and Hib. At 2 months, Kaz had uttered several sounds already. Aside from coo, oh, and ah, he had ning, lai and owl. Also, at that age, Kaz was very energetic and responded to plays cheerfully. Just a day before he turned 3 months, baby Kaz exhibited his new-found skill - turning to his tummy by himself.

At 3 months, Kazue measured 62 centimeters long and weighed 8 kilograms. He laughed a lot, moved a lot, and consumed plenty of milk even though he started teething. At that age, my baby began sleeping throughout the night and wakes up at 4:00 AM.

Just a day before he turned 4 months, Kaz showed us another skill - crawling. My family was so happy cheering him as he discovered his toes and knees in moving forward. Measuring 64 centimeters long and weighs 8.3 kilograms, Kaz now has established a 24-hour daily routine. He just had his second dose of 6-in-1 vaccine this morning.

Prescription Drugs without Prescription

Prescription drugs are medicines that can be obtained upon presenting doctors’ scripts of order base on patients’ health conditions.

Prescription drugs used to be bought only in community or local pharmacies. Regulations regarding prescription drugs used to be pursued strictly by all states such that one cannot avail of a certain medicine without a doctor’s prescription. However, as technology progressed and as demands risen, electronic transactions took place; thus, the system of being able to sell and avail of prescription drugs without prescription emerged online.

Buying online of prescription drugs without prescription is easy. By and large,customers are asked to create an account at online pharmacies to: validate an authentic transaction, make succeeding transactions quicker, and provide the pharmacy with other information, which enables them to serve customers the most efficient way possible.

Buying online of prescription drugs without prescription is convenient. Unlike the conventional where customers have to walk, drive, or take a ride all the way from home or office to the pharmacy and vice versa; online buying of prescription drugs without prescription is just some clicks away and drugs are delivered right to the door. Payments are made by credit or debit cards.

Buying online of prescription drugs without prescription is money-saving. Prescription drugs are more affordable aside from the fact that patients no longer pay for professional fees to medical practitioners who issues the prescription. The affordability of prescription drugsis trimmed according to online pharmacies’ much lesser operating and overhead costs.

Buying online of prescription drugs without prescription is as well a great opportunity for middle and below middle class people to avail of cheaper medicines. For developing countries, a group of local pharmacists may start this good business by establishing direct contacts with foreign suppliers and by setting up a community pharmacy.

Animation 2

Here's another one. I would say that the animator is a prodigy.

Not so long ago, like 14 years, I was a school paper cartoonist and I was able to excel also in competitions. I once dreamed of becoming a designer or a fine artist but my brother discouraged me from entering into such a profession. He had his own reasons also.

Nevertheless, I continued painting (portrait, still life, and landscape)just for the purpose of self-expression. Yes, I love arts especially sketching and painting. It's my way of telling the world how I feel and what I think.

It's been a long time since I haven't touched my paint brushes and haven't bought any new water colors or oil colors. Gladly, because of technology, there's no need for me to buy them now nor mess my hands of spills. Thanks to Photoshop.


I came across with this video and i like it. I marveled at the creativity of the animator.

Online Pharmacy Consultations

Buying of prescription drugs without prescription is bolstered by online pharmacy consultants.

Online pharmacy consultations are reliable. As with a walk-in pharmacy, online pharmacies have state-licensed pharmacists, too, who can address patients concerns accordingly. Well of course, customers have all the rights to contest on the qualifications and backgrounds of these people should any one would want to ascertain technical expertise and authenticity of professional practice. In most cases, reliable online pharmacies provide a corner at their website reflecting fundamental information about their pharmacists; although some just stick to the "contact us" panel.

Online pharmacy consultations are efficient; and, these are executed in various ways such as chat boxes, fora/forum, emails, customer hotlines, and automated questionnaires.

1. Chat box - online customers simply types in their queries. By pressing the "send icon",information quickly pops up at online consultant's mac or pc windows. One could determine that a consultant is online because there is usually a status indicator.

2. Forum - online customers are able to seek pharmacy consultation at the same time able to discuss with other customers around the globe who're hanging on at the same website or company. With this, they are able to share common concerns, interests, and experiences as regards a particular health condition. Queries and their corresponding responses, past and present, are always available for quick and easy tracking and/or referral. Queries and discussions in wide arrays are often categorized according to topics and/or keywords. This makes it helpful for one to browse directly to a particular category.

3. Email - online pharmacy consultations are enabled via email-exchanges between online customers and online pharmacists. As such, customers need not to browse at the same website again and again in succeeding transactions. Customers, though, need to save the company's email address for future convergence; although some email account provider, like gmail, automatically saves email addresses upon first transaction. One advantage for this type of pharmacy consultation is that medical advice are always in the inbox folder (unless deleted), which one can return to as the need arises.

4. Customer Hotlines - this is the quickest online pharmacy consultation. Online Customers are provided the chance to talk to pharmacists over the phone and be responded to right away. Likewise, online pharmacists can ask clarifications directly. Customers have to be quick though in taking down significant information.

5. Automated Questionnaires - the peculiarity of human mind has produced a high-tech medical programs and softwares such that customers are able to make online pharmacy consultations via automated questionnaires. Most often Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and their corresponding answers are readily available on one page of the pharmacy website. Nonetheless, further information can be generated through a categorized list of concerns that the online pharmacy can address. This works through a series of subsequent pop-ups until an accurate or possible finding is generated. Medical analyses are automatically provided to online customers.

Microsoft Office 2007: The Best Way to Orient One

This morning, as a team, we visited our Local Government Unit (LGU) counterparts in Gingoog City to discuss some significant schedules and initiatives to be considered for the Project on Enhancement of Local Governance and Community Empowerment in Microwatersheds in Misamis Oriental (Project ELCEMM). After the meeting, we wanted to print some documents and suddenly one of the counterparts complained about Windows Vista. While he was substantiating his problem, I realized that his problem is not really with this Operating System but the Office installed in it.

Desktop computers, which were provided by JICA (the project funder) to the counterparts are absolutely one of the latests and, expectedly, they are installed with the Microsoft Office 2007. Unfortunately, this office version is new to them that they got almost totally disoriented with the applications, specifically with Microsoft Word. Well, it wasn't my first time to hear this comment, but then I guess, they're simply not ready to it or perhaps not too well with the 2003 Office to get to the 2007 Office.

To address this common concern, Project ELCEMM is in the process of developing a training design, which aims to develop computer operation skills among project counterparts in LGUs.

While searching online, I happened to read an article entitled Getting to Know Microsoft Office 2007. This article is such a great help to me, who might be facilitating the incoming training, and to everyone else who are not quite acquainted yet with the latest Microsoft Office. Personally, this article has given me a better idea on how to explain the new applications in the simplest way. In this article, items are well explained, organized, and itemized. Instructions are very reader-friendly and can easily be followed. Examples and instructions are very specific, which I guess are comprehensible to the oldies and the newbies. Salient items include:

Take note that these features are common to Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel. In other words, mastering these 11 features promote one as well to a higher level of acquaintance or orientation to these frequently used Office 2007 applications.

Aren't you familiar yet with the latest Office? Better follow this site's instruction. Absolutely, you will agree with me that the Microsoft Office 2007 is far better and more user friendly than the previous ones.

Asbestos Alerts

This has long been my concern and I nearly thought that this isn't true, but now, it has proven my worries.

Ten (10) years back, I was told by a friend that asbestos is carcinogenic because of its minute compositions or some fibrous crystals that when inhaled might cause respiratory tract infections, lung cancer, and some other illnesses that involve the respiratory system. Until I became aware of the information, I began to be conscious and observant on it. I have seen a lot of gymnasiums and houses, churches and buildings installed their roofs with asbestos mats under it, purposely to resist heat from the sun and absorb loud noises from within. It is seemingly comfortable but then I couldn't imagine the amount of minute and microscopic particles falling everyday from the ceiling since its installation up to the present.

I remember a friend in Davao, she brought home a lot of asbestos mats. I told her that it is carcinogenic. Unfortunately, she wasn't sure if she would believe me because she hasn't received nor read reports about it. As I watched the carpenter climbed and installed them, I definitely covered my nose and observed some falling asbestos mat crumbs. Now, it has worsen. Cars windshields are even covered with asbestos mats. Some sleeping mats have been developed out of this already.

This is most probably the reason why lung cancer cases and other respiratory tract illnesses and disease.

Be a Certified Ethical Hacker

I used to think that not one online is safe and secured because of hackers who know the tricks and intricacies of information technology. I didn't know just how they would do it, although I was so sure that IT connoisseurs could access some parts of other computers' systems and attack them like theft, gangsters, and brutes. Not until I came to know EC-Council, I didn't realize that there is such a thing as Ethical Hacking". Ethical Hacking is changing or manipulating information righteously. This includes being conscious and sensitive to RIGHT from WRONG and GOOD from EVIL while ensuring information security from unauthorized access, modification, disclosure, manipulation, disruptions, destructions, intrusions, and the like. This means hacking for the purpose of securing CONFIDENTIALITY, INTEGRITY, and AVAILABILITY of information.

EC-Council offers live, online, and instructor-led trainings/courses on categories such as Security Fundamentals, Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing, Computer Forensics, Disaster Recovery, and Secure Programming. Enrolling, taking classes, and graduating from these courses will make one BECOME ANY OF THE FOLLOWING:

Certified Ethical Hacker(C/EH)
Certified Security Analyst (E/CSA)
Licensed Penetration Tester (LPT)
Certified Disaster Recovery Professional (E/DRP)
Certified Hacking Forensic Investigator (C/HFI)
Certified Secure Programmer (E/CSP)
Network Security Administrator (E/NSA)

These are the highest paying jobs or positions in the field of IT. Companies invest on these individuals or Security Professionals to manage and mitigate the risks of getting into the convenient e-commerce, electronic convergence, and the worldwide web. With IT Security Professionals or Ethical Hackers, company information are assured of utmost confidentiality, integrity, security and protection because these people are so much exposed to hacking tools, technologies, methodologies, and its outcome; to various designs, softwares, programs, and infrastructures, including their development and/or life cycles.

Hence, get protected and secured through EC-Council products or enrol yourself and your staff and be a Certified Ethical Hacker.

Behind this child are...

Philippine politics
Philippine environment
external funders
head waters
indigenous peoples
timber poachers
land grabbers
fruit producers
community organizers
health workers
peace keepers
poultry growers
factory workers

reality bites!

We Can Get Rich, Too

I used to ask myself how website authors earn out of what they're doing in the internet. Such a question sprouted when I heard from news that websites really earn millions and millions of dollars. After spending sometime in discussion boards, blog hoppings, serious content readings, and actual discussions with friends, I realized how things work.

In the advent of postmodernism, so much has really changed. Technology has definitely hasten daily paces and processes, paving the way to a more efficient and effective communication lines, which has given so much advantages to the corporate world, where promotion plays the most crucial component in the system.

Now, electronic commerce has made promotions a lot easier for business industries. Paying Post for instance, is one best strategy of promoting websites, services, products, inventions, among other industrial upshots. This advertising network superimposes world wide marketing via various blog channels or domains, which gives even greater assurance to merchants, brokers or dealers for a widest market possible.

Practically, rates at Paying Post are reasonable, which means no nuisance to advertisers. On top of this is the advantage of being extensively linked by bloggers, who makes the most of strategies in order to increase traffic everyday.

In half a shake I realized that among other websites, I can get rich, too. We can get rich, too, by writing and researching, surfing the net and blogging. How? Simple! Paying Post facilitates the compensation of posts from advertisers to bloggers. This takes some processes though, yet not long. One thing for sure, Paying Post brings opportunities to one and all.

Stress Management

How do you manage stress? Are you even aware that you are stressed out?

Few years back, I was a stressful person and I always look stressed out like the world has put all its burden in me. I would cry at night because I couldn't understand anymore the things around me. It was perhaps because I had so many questions in mind that I would like to get answered. Not necessarily by me, by any body else as well.

As years went by, I saw friends and people who were so relax as if they have no worries at all. Absolutely, they were worried, too, of many things just as I am. What differs them from me is our ways of perceiving life. Indeed, I realized a lot out of my own reflections. So, I changed.

I convinced myself that I am what I see, what I feel, what I think, what I speak, and what I act. I shifted paradigm and controlled my head to think only of good and better things. There maybe naughty events and aweful situations, I convinced myself to profit from all these things and find the better side of events and live happily. It's so funny that I even practiced some facial expressions and moods and made them my habits. Oftentimes, I was tempted to think absurdly, deeply, madly, but then, I moved fast to remind myself to switch off and think beautifully well; although there had been several circumstances that I couldn't really fake my mood that I cried and looked really mad.

Through it all, I realized that stress is a state of the mind. It moves voluntarily and therefore, is controllable. Hence, in order to manage stress, I must be aware of it and of the moment when i'm gearing to it. Statement to live by: I must never be enslaved by STRESS.

business card scanner

When I got my driver's license last June, I really wondered what took it too fast. Like after I took the exam, I asked the staff, who took his break, how long will I wait for my license. He told me that it will just take an hour, just as long as I pass the exam. An hour because they still have to do everything altogether. This surprised me because it usually takes days, some months. Well, perhaps because I befriended that guy. Even then I was still surprise with the short time element. Well, it was made possible by business card scanner.

A business card scanner paves the way to a faster mass production of identification cards, ATM cards, licenses, cash cards, credit cards, magnetic card readers, and signature pads.

HHHmmmm... this gives us another business opportunity. Why not put up a stall inside malls, university canteens, among other significant places? People from all walks may want to own some personalized cards like an ATM card. This equipment may be purchased at Scan Shell Store.

Lalaine's World: How I Earn Through Blogging

Lalaine's World: How I Earn Through Blogging

HUHUHUHUHU... blogging is not easy pala.. i used to think it is..

How I wish my one month vacation will be productive.

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