"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

If you wish to travel a long journey, take the first step now and move on.
If you want to reap, sow now.
If you want to receive, give now.
If you want to be blessed, bless someone now.
If you want to achieve something, start doing for it now.
If you want to draw a line, point the dot now.

Chairs and Comfort

Eversince I started working, office chairs matter to me as it gives comfort especially when I had to think, write, or move a lot. Depending on the type of work I’ll be doing, but when I need to move a lot, I prefer the Athens type office chair. With this, I can easily stretch my hand to reach for something or move the chair quickly as it is lighter compared to other office chairs.

There are days when I need to think and write a lot. In times like these, I prefer an ergonomic executive office chair where I can rest my arms and my back and think deeper. Working while sitting on an ergonomic office chair is very relaxing and comforting.

Refurbishing a Bathroom

Last year we had our bathroom refurbished to make it auspicious to persons with disabilities (or let me call them patients). We widen our bathroom first such that a patient and a caregiver can be accommodated at once. Then, we opted for a bristly floor tiles to be sure that when the floor gets wet it wouldn’t become slippery. We also added a handle bar where patients may anchor their hands on or even put their weights on to when taking steps. We preferred a handheld shower so that when caregivers assist their patients in taking showers, the caregivers may be able to control the water flow so as not to get wet, too. We thought as well of putting a concrete chair where patients can just sit on while enjoying showers, but we changed our minds thinking that it would just narrow down the space. Anyways, patients and caregivers may opt for a portable chair. Finally, we repainted our bathroom with bright colors and improved its ventilation to make it really comfortable.

PR 1

I'm so surprised today to see the PR 1 icon. I had been leaving this site unheeded; often d ismayed by daily results. I turned to wordpress and created a new account. As much as I could I'd want to focus on few things as I'd want to establish a niche blog. However, I haven't really found one single interest yet; one that I could really update new things every day that could be of help to many people.

Anyhow, I'd like to thank all my visitors for making kokijar PR 1. I hope this will sustain and even get better.

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