Future Scuba Diving

I am so excited now. This afternoon I met my second degree cousin who works in the city government of Gingoog, Misamis Oriental. After a month of working for Project ELCEMM here, our ways finally met and fortunately, she is a nature lover like me. In fact, she has gone much farther than I had. The best thing she does that really interests me is her being a scuba diving teacher. woohh!! yeah! Of course, hindi ko na pinalampas ang opportunity, I grabbed it immediately by asking how may I avail of it and how much. She replied by saying depende sa heart (depends on how I feel). She told me that she has awesome and interesting photographs at her home. Interesting!!! She said she has four set of diving gears as well. What surprised and excited me a lot was when she said she will teach me for free! woohh yeah!! YES FOR FREE!!! FOR FREE!
Scuba Diving

I am too excited now that I cant wait to set some schedules with her and purchase my own set of gears after some few lessons from our meetings. I am excited to see photographs of myself around fishes, corals, and other aquatic lives. I asked her if she has seen a sting ray, she had! wooww!! Which means that I will have my own score with them in the near future as well, and might even see manta rays, underwater forests, and even flowers. Isn't it exciting right?

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