Duka Bay

Two days ago, I joined JICA team among the LGUs of the Municipality of Alubijid and Gingoog City in an educational tour. The 2-day activity was spent sharing of knowledge, skills, experiences, learnings, and insights. We spent out night at Duka Bay.
I had been to Duka Bay 5 years ago by an ambush invitation of a friend who wanted to get some refreshment. She took me there, had some walking, chit chatting, and went back home. That experience gave me the idea how nice Duka Bay is, although I wasn't able to bathe in their white sand beaches, not even a ride over their rich aquatic resources. This time, for the second time around, still somewhat like an ambush stay at Duka Bay because all the while I was thinking that we'd be staying in some hotels in Gingoog City. Anyhow, I felt so privileged again to be in Duka Bay, eat and sleep their. Again, I did not bathe in the white sand beaches because I didn't bring any swimming wear, not even some short pants. Somehow, I was, in confidence, thinking that opportunities of getting wet and fully enjoy Duka Bay are at hand especially that I will finally join JICA team this May. I am so sure that I'd be going to Gingoog very often, which means to say that I would have many chances to immerse myself in this bay and even get all the details about the place.
Anyways, here are some scenes of the bay. I did satisfy this longing in me to be a photographer. hehehe. I hope my pieces will be much appreciated.

I was chatting with some friends online. At times, we would run out of words that we bottle ourselves with emoticons and winks. These very expressive icons have truly helped us express how we missed each other.

I remember, my MSU classmates/friends and I used to talk all they long, sleep beside each other, sit beside each other silently that silence would speak for itself, walk in deep reflection, etc. This created a bond that up to now, we may run out of words like how it did 5 to 6 years ago, we know that we mean something through our facial expressions - smiles,nods, and winks.

Now, since we very seldom view ourselves on a web camera, we compliment our words with free emoticons and winks for messenger.
Cool Smileys & Winks

Wedding Prepration

Most if not all of my friends knew that I'm getting married. In preparation, we are really researching and documenting for cost savings deals. We have visited (sometimes I go by myself only) some places in the city, checked for giveaways, talked with photo-video wedding pros, canvassed for wedding rings, and started designing our wedding invitation. For now, things or plans are yet on papers. Still looking for great deals.

Chatting with our pets

This easter season, I chatted with my ate keket and kuya kokot (see our names..hhehehhe..our parents were playing with sounds I guess..haahaha). While chatting with ate keket our dog Harikro insisted to play with me, so ate saw him on cam. She said he's very cute and cuddly, so she got her cat, too. I forgot the name. It reminds me of the cats in iligan, there was tane, moning, and etc.hehehehe..

Ate keket took this picture. How we wish someday the two animals will meet each other, too (seems so impossible). Take note, this cat understands the english language only.hehehehe so, while we voice chatted in bisaya, she spoke to her in english. sosyal ka yata ming. heheheh

I Live in a Developing Country (Part 2)

If she may speak:
I am just me.
I work for the peoples' health.
My strength is not in my physical attributes,
but in my passion to bring change
for my children, my children's children, and their fruits thereof.
How about you?

I Live in a Developing Country (Part 1)

Government employees and public servants are expected to work in "people-first" attitude.
This tag can be seen anywhere in the country and it's more than a decade campaign out of the culture of proscratinating and prolonging public/individual requests in government offices.

Development workers help communities develop a good plan (maayong plano) via 9S, SWOT, Problem Tree Analysis, Pair-Wise Ranking, among other participatory approaches.
Communities must move past the traditional day-dreamt plans, dictated projects, emotion-driven non-sustainable initiatives, among other politically-motivated seconds click projects.
Unless plans are gone through participatory/consultative approaches, communities will still be facing a bleak future.

Should our leaders stand for what they promised; should they perform their duties well and the tasks expected of them; should they think of their people ahead of their vested and selfish interests; should they craft and act upon appropriate and best plans; should the people humble themselves and call upon heaven; this child, his child, and the children to come will surely have more of what they need and even of what they want.

Blogger Friendship Award

Pweeeww.. This is my first friendship award! Phebie gave this to me few days ago. I was just not able to post this immediately because I had 2 field works and documentations, which I needed to attend first. Anyways, here it is:
I would like to forward this award by nominating 7 blogger-friends:
Phebie of loveshaven
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The rules are so easy:
1. Place the logo / banner on your blog.
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Dolphin Bubbles

How does a Dolphin Bubbles? Have you actually seen one? If not, check this out:

dolphin bubbles

Let's keep the green!

Let's go green! Let's continue saving the earth! Let us be aware that the march 28 earth hour was just a general celebration for the earth. The campaign doesn't end their. The advocacy is not just a 60-minute reality. Let's keep on! Why?

People around the globe produces greenhouse gases daily. The intelligence of human race has produced technologies which created unprecedented circumstances. As such, we are no longer living with our interest (in financial terms), we are now consuming our capital. This less we have, let's be better stewards.

In some parts of the world, they institute carbon sink incentives. Some states pay to people who plant trees because carbon sinks in leaves, twigs, branches, and in other parts ofa tree. Other countries have Carbon Advice Group. This group checks, monitors, analyzes, and translates into layman's term carbon impacts from human-generated emissions; from which they create as well advice to individuals, businesses, the government, among others.

What about us? It's good to know though that we ranked 1st around the world in the march 28 earth hour campaign.

Let's keep the green! How about calculating your impact?

The Day Today

The entire day I just stayed at home. I woke up late, eaten late, and everything late. Then, I played with my Harikro and logged in to my notebook.

The people around me are in their own busy-ness. My mama was busy texting her friends and my siblings. At lunch she was joined by her close friend - wedding godmother. At late afternoon, Lando, a blind masseur, reported for mama's weekly therapeutic massage with him.

Deslie, my cousin, was busy texting, too, while looking after mama's errands and requests. Abnil was busy cleaning the house and with papang's assignments for him. Lyn washed our clothes and cooked our food. Papang went to his scheduled appointments. He went to our farm, too, along with a man who will soon look after our fruit trees.

We seemed rich, huh. Yes, we are in God's site. Honestly, we have lots. Kinda lots of little lots. hehehehe.. But we dont have money to develop them.hahahaha

It's getting dark now and I have not taken my bath yet for the day. hahahaha.. gotta go now!

Happy Birthday BA

It's 11:53PM on my clock. 7 minutes from now, my yaBA (palangga - the person I care a lot) will be a year older.

For almost 4 years now in the relationship, I have not written so much about him, just bits and pieces in some of my topics. In fact, in my posts, I seldom include him. This is because I am not so expressive (in words) of my love and of my feelings. I would rather put my words into actions, otherwise, I may just be playing around rhetorics.

Heaven knows, this man is so special to me and I value him a lot. Yes, I love him.

God bless u BA! Happy Birthday!

My Father's Dream

The ultimate dream of my father for me is that I'd be a lawyer. He chose me because I talk him back with reasons and that I always reason out in almost all things. He chose me because I was well trained in public speaking since elementary. He chose me because I am some kind of a political person.

I did entertain enrolling at Law school eight years ago; however, the debates I joined discouraged me. In those instances, I had many sleepless nights thatI asked myself "why should I suffer this hard?" My reflections pulled me out from my father's dream.

2008 Bar Exam Results

My sister matut asked me to search the net whether her friends passed the 2008 Philippine Bar Examination. One of the 2 names she texted me passed, while the other failed. After giving the answer of her request, I then checked if my college classmate passed; unfortunately, he did not.

Anyway, I am glad to know that on the 2nd top is an MSUan. Congratulations!

Below are links of the 2008 Philippine Bar Exam Results:

Top 10 Bar Passers
  1. Lardizabal, Judy A. - San Sebastian College, 85.70%
  2. Amerol-Macumbal, Mylene I. - Mindanao State University, 85.65%
  3. Baclay, Jr., Oliver P. - Ateneo de Manila University, 85.60%
  4. Jala, Majesty Eve L. - Ateneo de Manila University, 85.55%
  5. Liceralde, Ma. Elizabeth L. - University of the Philippines, 85.40%
  6. Macapagal, Micael T. - University of the Philippines, 84.15%
  7. Dy, Denise S. - Ateneo de Manila University, Regis, April Love C. - Ateneo de Manila University, 84.00%
  8. Tan, Christine Joy K. - Ateneo de Manila University, 83.80%
  9. Jacob, Jihan A. - San Beda College, Velasquez, Shirley G. - University of the Philippines, 83.75%
  10. Raymundo, Vanessa C. - San Beda College, 83.70%
Bar Passers

Congratulations to our new lawyers!

I Love Poetry, Too

I love poems and I love composing one. I love reading them; reading them aloud. I even love recording my voice while reading them in a soft musical score.

At times when I'm angry, I compose one. When I'm so down and if I may express myself, I do it through writing poems. And, when I do one, I see to it that no one understands it prima facie so that I will not be emitting negative energies at all. Yes, I do it in a way that the reader has yet to transcend. hehehehe

Return to Painting

It's been almost 4 years now that I no longer paint. I Used to paint my imaginations on illustration boards, sketch pads, and clean paper. I used to paint portraits, landscapes, and still life. Just to finish one, I wouldn't sleep all night. And, I loved my finished works although I see imperfections in them.

This is my first framed painting. I drew this in 1996 when our drafting teacher assigned us to do so. I only received a grade of 95% on this because some of the tinting and the shading are technically incorrect. Anyhow, I am happy having produced this masterpiece.
I had more paintings after this, but I gave most of them away.
Now, I really longed to return to painting again.

Who Taught You to Save?

My Ate Keket taught me to save. She was such a thrifty girl. Back in elementary, she told me to spare some peso and not to go too much on recess so I could buy what I want. As I looked at her stuff, true enough, she had lots of nice stuffs and sweet-smelling stationeries. In high school, she would save money so she could go and watch movie with her classmates because we were sure mama wouldn't give us some peso for that. In college, she was a scholar. There was once that she went home, she brought me t-shirt and a watch. I remember I was very happy then. Those were fruits of her savings.

My Ate Keket was not an accounting student. She never had any accounting classes unlike me, but she practiced proper accounting. I remember the moment when she told me "you must not waste money because we are not rich. Mama and papang do not have enough money for us." I never realized the significance of savings not until I received my own salary. Then, I realized that I need to spend wisely for all the tomorrows to come.

Are We Really Heading to the Great Depression?

It seems like people, especially in the US, are looking forward to the great depression. People are looking back to the 1929 recession that hyped up in 1933, which effected to the great depression.
During the first quarter of this year, a lot of giant companies cut off budgets, withdrew investments, closed accounts, and the like. There was recession indeed. If this wouldn't stop by 4th quarter, if this moves on to the succeeding years, there will definitely be another great depression. Let's just pray that the US will not resort to war anymore as it did in history.
God intervene in the lives of men. God bless America!

My Worst Driving Experience

Yesterday, I got my worst driving experience ever.

My father asked me to drive him to our farm to check an animal. He asked me if I could drive rough roads, I told him I can. While driving, he told me that we'd pass by the mountainous portion of the barangay (greater than a village) where we live. In all confidence, I climb the car at 4th gear, then changed to 3rd gear, then to 2nd gear, and finally 1st gear. Because the slopy road was too rough, I had to carefully choose paths but the car shoot at one shallow hole. So, I moved the car back to a better road not using the rear gear, just at the neutral state and the break. Unfortunately, the car moved all the way down. All the breaks were full already but it still did not stop. Papang told me to turn to 1st gear, I did; still it did not stop. Down the road were other multicabs and bystanders. Papang manuevered the steering wheel for me (I called the name of Jesus to protect us and the people around from danger). He chose to bump the car before a barrier to stop it. People around came near us. There were drivers, too, and the bystanders. They asked us what happened. We explained. I guess there there 9 men who came nearer, the rest stayed at a distance. These men offered help. They lifted the car because it hanged already by the barrier through the deferential. We realized that if the car still did not stop despite the barrier, we could have swift sideways by it, and that would for the greatest danger for us.

God saved us! Papang heard me prayed, he said. I did not panic, instead I prayed. He did not panic, too, he told me he prayed, too, while manuevering the steering wheel.

Truly, I owe God my life. We owe God our lives.

Praise Him all the earth!

Our Plan

If this is part of God's plan, after JICA, I'll take the Mombusho Scholarship of Japan. If I could bring my BA their, I will, I hope I could find a package on this. He may work their while I study. After 2 years, we will go back to the Philippines, keep investing at the same time serve as part-time teacher at XU, or CU, LdCU, MUST, or COC. Part-time because I want to work on missions, too. Teaching, as I projected it, shall help me establish networks, shall give me additional income which in a way may finance some community works and outreach programs. BA may by then be better in business, so we could help more communities and more people and even go short-term cross-cultural missions.

Our ultimate dream really is to be able to establish a missionary-sending business enterprise. In this way, we see ourselves as truly free on earth for heaven; literally free since we'll be owning our time by then, since we'll be doing the things we love to do (both of us loves business and travels; both of us loves technology and mechanics; both of us loves God), and absolutely free to serve God.

God is a best friend, we both know that if this is apart of His plan, He will surely provide us ways such that we could truly say we are fulfilled Christians.


My ate is a scholar eversince college, probably even elementary and high school if there were. After college, she received a free training in Netherlands. After which, she was granted a scholarship in Belgium. Having graduated Master of Science in Nematology with the highest honor in Ghent University, she was again granted another scholarship. Canada this time at the university of Manitoba, where she studies Master of Science in Soil Ecology.

As a scholar, she is at the same time a researcher and a scientist. She works with scientists in the arctic. Yes, the arctic, and she has seen polar bears which she used to see in books and in televisions. As scholar, she was afforded the opportunity to travel, if I may remember, places like Italy/Rome, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Japan, Singapore, Canada, France, Paris, London, Venice, and the Philippines (hahahaha). Yeah, she had been to the historic sites of these places. It was made possible, aside from her thriftiness, by generous filipinos she met in Europe. She's blessed with friends like them.

I was never attracted to scholarships, not until I joined XU graduation where I saw different sorts of toga. I did wish, I have one like that of Fr. Jett.hehehehe

So, I told my ate that I am now convinced of taking a masters degree abroad as she had long been inviting and persuading me. She told me that she'll give me sites and online forms but I have found them myself online. Now, I am receiving scholarship updates from around the globe. And, as desired long time ago, I want to take the Mombusho scholarship of the government of Japan. I guess, after my term with JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) I will qualify as a scholar in Japan (If God wills it).

(If you are interested on scholarships, let me know, and we'll ask help from ate keket.)


Yes, I am making overtime on this as I aimed at being approved by socialspark among other advertisers perhaps. I will post as much as I can today. I am sure of the fact that I can really do 20 post a day.
I have a lot of things in time that's why I am pretty sure that I can write just about anything, although I desired of having a concentrated blog. I'm thinking of focusing on environment, perhaps I could share more about this aside from sharing my faith and my Christian walk.
I just realized that I write longer paragraphs. I must limit my post so as to give enough time to other topics. I was browsing at other blogs and I guess I have gathered some techniques. Next to this, I will work on my traffic. By then, my blog will be accepted or approved by socialspark, text link ads, and other ad links.


These are few of my daily companions at XU. We are thankful that at last felix has graduated. May he be blessed with a good job and more better opportunities in life.
More power Felix, so as John and Christian who will be juniors in the coming academic year.
Ia took this picture. God bless ur senior year ia. Study well manghud.

Magis Awards

Magis is a common term for ateneans. It means "for more, for better, or never settle for less". Xavier University(XU) Magis Awards usually takes place in March. This year, XU had it last March 17 at the Student Center Lobby.

Recipients of the awards were those who have given their best as student leader, council, or organization. I am glad I was part of the review and recognition committee.


At the age of 14 I guess, we had a small car and we used to call it tarak-tarak. It was perhaps because the color was yellow, it was very small, the design was unusual like I have never ever seen a car such as that; not even now that it's gone already. Unique as it was, that was the first car I was able to ran. Well, making the car run was easy and having it stop was much easier (that it fully stopped and turned off..hahahah). But, how I wish driving is as easy as that (I was driving in a very open field then).
Last year, I had to master driving because riding a taxi was and is very expensive. We had to hire a taxi or borrow a multicab driver to bring mama to the hospital or the stroke rehabilitation clinic more than twice a week. It was very expensive of course. It was either we minimize going to the clinic or I drive the multicab for us. The first choice was feasible so we did it and I enrolled at driving school so to master the technicalities and principles of driving. After 5 days, I was able to drive busy streets, although I still struggled with uphill driving. I hated it when motorela and other PUV drivers would suddenly stop while driving uphill just to load or unload passengers; some doesn't even have tail lights, back lights, and signal lights. tsk tsk tsk..
However, mama and papang pushed me to find a work so my degree wouldn't be wasted, besides I am not getting any younger and I definitely need one for my future's sake (esp. that I'm getting married). Actually, they pitied on me because I cut my VSO opportnity just to attend to mama. It was actually ok with me. hehehe..I was confident that God will give me a job whenever I need one. He did! When mama and papang told me to find a job, I got opportunities right away. God is gracious, indeed, and worthy of all praises!
So, this work thing, defeated the purpose of cutting the taxi expenses or driving mama to the clinic. Anyhow, God provided us din naman with all our needs. He met even our wants. I did save from daily travel expenses. Aside from the fact that my BA sends and fetches me to and from school everyday, I drive my way, too, when he couldn't make it and I drive the multicab when I love doing it.
Every driving moment was and is an experience. Every time I drive I learn new techniques and new ways and I enjoy it a lot. Every time I drive, I learn to communicate better with other drivers, I learn to read between the traffics, and I learn more about timing and proper orchestration of my feet, my hands, my ears, my eyes, among other senses. Certainly, I grow as a person because along the way, I learned a lot in as much as I realized so many things; that driving is not just about learning how to make the car run or stop. Driving is reality. I need to determine right timing, right pacing, right motions, appropriate signal giving, decision making, responsible driving, among others. Traffics taught me to wait than rush, which I might get into much trouble. I have become more responsible as a pedestrian as well because I know now how it feels to be driving in streets where people are crowding themselves seemingly unconscious of the street they're at.

Now that I am already 27 years old, I am still riding a cute tarak-tarak (as it may appear beside extravagant and vintage cars). It may just be a multicab, but two things are certain, I am a better driver now and I have a better citizen now.

My Night with TM Club of Macajalar Bay

I knew it very well that I'd be called for some roles.
Tonight, I was asked to call the meeting to order, to introduce the guests, and to count the "crutch" words during the educational meeting of Macajalar Bay Toastmasters Club.
Meeting by meeting I learn new things and I grow in confidence. I once thought that I can speak so much better in a crowd. But, gone are the days where thoughts just come easily into my head. Gone are the days where ideas just flow hastily in my mind. Gone are the days where words just come out from my mouth in their proper sounds and diction. Today, it seems like, words slip off my tongue and I cannot simply control my jaw that I miss the right pronunciation.
One thing I appeciate with toastmasters club is that I get constructive criticisms. The club understands that the reason why I join is that I want to develop my leadership and public speaking skills. And, true enough, meeting by meeting, I learn new things and I learn how to handle new roles because I accept tasks handed to me. I accept them not because I am confident of delivering them, but simply because I want to challenge myself; I want to know more about the role or the task; I want to assess myself as to how far can I be in taking roles. Meeting by meeting I have known myself and my capacity to lead and to speak. Indeed, meeting by meeting I grow up as a person.

Earth Hour in Cagayan de Oro

For two years now I have been participating in Earth Hour. Simply because I am cognizant to the domino effect of global warming.

Last year, I turned off the lights at home for one hour. This year, people at home did the same as well as our neighbors, while I was at Kiosko sa Kagawasan watching with XU people and other dignitaries in the city counting down for earth hour.

The celebration at Kiosko was stunned by the presence of Fr. Jett Villarin, SJ, an environmental scientist - President of Xavier Universty-Ateneo de Cagayan, Ms. Borje, the Undersecretary of Energy, CDO Mayor Tinnex Jaraula, Cong. Rufus Rodriguez, City Councilors, among others who watched the artistic performances of various artists from Cagayan de Oro, Iligan, and Camiguin. I think those thespian performances were directed by Mr. Hobart Savior, the Culture and Arts Director of Xavier University.

The countdown excited I guess everyone who wished to witness how dark the quest could bring on. At zero,there was significant darkness although it did not come out simultaneously. Jollibee-Divisoria, the nearest food chain, did not turn off everything for safety and security reasons of people eating inside, the manager told me. Street lights switched off a little later among other establishments.

Candles illumined the area while artistic performances went on.

As the 60-minute earth campaign came to a close, a shorter countdown took place and in a short while the program ended.

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