I would say I am stressed these days because it's physically manifested and I feel it, too. I am experiencing muscle aches, skin allergies, and blood spotting. I feel so tired, physically that I just want to sleep all day long. I wish to wake up late, yet I need to do otherwise because that has to be done. I want to do some other things worth the while, some other productive things, and simply just relaxing things. HHmmmm.. I would say that driving the whole day might do, like just enjoying the silent streets in the morning, appreciating the cool air on mid day, gazing at the stars at night without thinking of whatever tasks that are yet to be accomplished.

I simply just want to stop thinking about work and be free. Free thinking, That's what I wanna do. Free writing, such as this. Indeed, I am doing this now, but I am counting every seconds of writing here because I am suppose to finish one task that seems to never end. I just stole this time. This time that I am paid to work. Yet, this is not for anything, I guess, this will even help me become more productive. By writing this, I have expressed myself and at the same time listening from within and discarding the noises around. I so appreciate melancholic or desolate moods. I dont mean the sad and depressed moods. I mean just the moment of being uninhabited or emptied from the daily thoughts, concerns, and rushes. I would say, STILLNESS, that's it! Everyday I thirst for this and I would see myself crazy without this. Like few days ago, I literally cried because I had been rushing and pressed by some tasks. I wanted to take enough sleep but I can't and everytime I attend to the very task that I needed to finish, I lost for words. Tsk tsk tsk..

Well, it's up for now...

I'm a bit cooled again. Thanks blog!

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