Young and Now

Awhile ago, i was a bit nostalgic inside the office, cutting reservation forms and drafting some certificates. I thank God because i am no longer as i used to get too emotional thinking about what i'd been some 10 or 15 or 20 years ago. At times when the weather isn't too hot, i would remember myself playing jolin (marbles) with my siblings and childhood friends; i would remember the city central school play ground, where we used to play "football" as we popularly call it or sipa bola in bisaya; I would remember our manangs and manongs sharing some real and created stories; and, I would see myself drowning in melancholic mood.

Now, I have certainly accepted that the essence of life is growing up. Growing up in every facets of it. Like I am not always a kid, so I must cease to be a kid playing after class hours and all day during summer and weekends. I am no longer a teenager, so I must go away with unhealthy behaviors and attitudes. I am no longer in the past, so I must cease longing for what had been that will never be back. Things will never be back exactly as it had been. There may be resemblances definitely.

As a young woman, I appreciate everything I had been. I appreciate how the Lord honed the person in me. In my imperfection, I thank God at how He sat me off to become a responsible and discerning person. I appreciate my life after everything which God allowed to happen. I even appreciate the way I think, although I still need to develop a lot of thoughts, so much thoughts most especially for the ministry He is entrusting me.

As a young leader, I thank God for giving me opportunities in the past to lead other kids, to lead other students, and to facilitate communities and some statesmen.

As a young lady, I thank God for changing my boyish moves and for making me really accept the feminine me.

As a young lover, I thank God for giving me my compliment.

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