Kazue's Development

Baby Kaz is 4 months and 5 days old now. I just realized that I should have written his development from 0-present. It will surely guide me and mark should we have the second baby, although that wouldn't be too soon. It's not yet too late to write though; besides, I have kept [of course] his photographs so I could just return to them and develop the words along.

At birth Kaz weighed 6 pounds and 10 ounces. He was 53 centimeters long. At that time, he could already turn to his side and open his eyes widely. His reflexes and senses are normal as he responded to corresponding stimulus. He had his BCG and Hep B vaccines. He had his new born screening, too, and thank God that everything is normal.

At 1 and half month, baby Kaz could already follow me with his eyes. I really enjoyed the first day he showed me that skill. While sucking for milk, he would turn to his back when somebody talks from their. At that time, he could happily move his arms and legs. Kaz was a happy child and still is.

Just 3 days before he turned 2 months, he had his 6-in-1 vaccination of IPV, DPT, Hep B, Polio, Influenza, and Hib. At 2 months, Kaz had uttered several sounds already. Aside from coo, oh, and ah, he had ning, lai and owl. Also, at that age, Kaz was very energetic and responded to plays cheerfully. Just a day before he turned 3 months, baby Kaz exhibited his new-found skill - turning to his tummy by himself.

At 3 months, Kazue measured 62 centimeters long and weighed 8 kilograms. He laughed a lot, moved a lot, and consumed plenty of milk even though he started teething. At that age, my baby began sleeping throughout the night and wakes up at 4:00 AM.

Just a day before he turned 4 months, Kaz showed us another skill - crawling. My family was so happy cheering him as he discovered his toes and knees in moving forward. Measuring 64 centimeters long and weighs 8.3 kilograms, Kaz now has established a 24-hour daily routine. He just had his second dose of 6-in-1 vaccine this morning.

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Animation 2

Here's another one. I would say that the animator is a prodigy.

Not so long ago, like 14 years, I was a school paper cartoonist and I was able to excel also in competitions. I once dreamed of becoming a designer or a fine artist but my brother discouraged me from entering into such a profession. He had his own reasons also.

Nevertheless, I continued painting (portrait, still life, and landscape)just for the purpose of self-expression. Yes, I love arts especially sketching and painting. It's my way of telling the world how I feel and what I think.

It's been a long time since I haven't touched my paint brushes and haven't bought any new water colors or oil colors. Gladly, because of technology, there's no need for me to buy them now nor mess my hands of spills. Thanks to Photoshop.


I came across with this video and i like it. I marveled at the creativity of the animator.

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