In Melancholy

Today is October 29, 2009. One month from now, I will no longer be in this stage of life. I remember many many years and even few years back, I thought that I am in no doubt ready to enter marriage. However, just 20 minutes ago, while under the hot shower, it seemed like I could hear every drop of water, counting... After some time, I could already hear the blood in my veins, pumping, tig dig tig dig tig dig.. Then, melancholy.
As my melancholic temper began, entered in the artist. This has always been my way of expressing the SELF.
As regards the wedding, I planned to having something like the following pictures:

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  1. awww... i can't help but cry te kox. am so happy for you and i hope you do have a great life ahead with your husband. i remember a friend told me about a couple. love stayed even after eternity. i hope you'll have the same love with each other. can't wait to see you walk down the aisle and take the vow. awww... always be happy my dearest friend. coz you deserve to be...


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