Veritas Liberabit Vos

I wish I had not ticked at something although I think I did one good thing.

I could no longer recall the episodes I had been to confronting truths and realities. All I can remember is the motto of the university I once attended “veritas liberabit vos.” This line stayed behind my memory for so long. It was just a must that I did remember it and then it was extended by ads, billboards, and published articles. So, the statement seemed to land at my yawning dimension as prefaces, events, and cycles of existence satiated around some spaces.

Now, it seems like its beckoning me that I had already passed the overtures of it and that it’s now blocking a cavernous space in my head. In a sense, I have to welcome an unsought something that is known to have existed. In a sense, the truth was here; And, in a sense, the truth upsetted me. However, “veritas liberabit vos.”

I am challenged by the thought that I once was intensively educated about cogent reasoning. It was easy then for I was pretty afar from the world of forms. Today is different. I am to live a cogent, yet, passioned reason in order to keep the state of being prompted by the laws of energy in an optimistic pace. I must accept the truth (veritas) and that even if it hurts; I need to know how to profit from it, to develop a logic that will help me stand still. It will set me free (liberabit vos)! In a sense, it freed me. It freed me from the many wanders this thought had gone. It did answer interrogatives this thought had entertained.

And now, I have to replenish the loses my body incur out of this inner flounder.

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