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When I got my driver's license last June, I really wondered what took it too fast. Like after I took the exam, I asked the staff, who took his break, how long will I wait for my license. He told me that it will just take an hour, just as long as I pass the exam. An hour because they still have to do everything altogether. This surprised me because it usually takes days, some months. Well, perhaps because I befriended that guy. Even then I was still surprise with the short time element. Well, it was made possible by business card scanner.

A business card scanner paves the way to a faster mass production of identification cards, ATM cards, licenses, cash cards, credit cards, magnetic card readers, and signature pads.

HHHmmmm... this gives us another business opportunity. Why not put up a stall inside malls, university canteens, among other significant places? People from all walks may want to own some personalized cards like an ATM card. This equipment may be purchased at Scan Shell Store.


  1. I have been using an outstanding product from a company called CSSN. Their scanning systems accurately read the information from business cards, driver licenses, ID cards, medical insurance cards, visit cards, and even checks and then arranges this information into a database. I am a sales consultant and these systems have helped me to organize all the business cards I have received and this makes my work a lot easier to manage. Check out their solutions - CSSN


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