Stress Management

How do you manage stress? Are you even aware that you are stressed out?

Few years back, I was a stressful person and I always look stressed out like the world has put all its burden in me. I would cry at night because I couldn't understand anymore the things around me. It was perhaps because I had so many questions in mind that I would like to get answered. Not necessarily by me, by any body else as well.

As years went by, I saw friends and people who were so relax as if they have no worries at all. Absolutely, they were worried, too, of many things just as I am. What differs them from me is our ways of perceiving life. Indeed, I realized a lot out of my own reflections. So, I changed.

I convinced myself that I am what I see, what I feel, what I think, what I speak, and what I act. I shifted paradigm and controlled my head to think only of good and better things. There maybe naughty events and aweful situations, I convinced myself to profit from all these things and find the better side of events and live happily. It's so funny that I even practiced some facial expressions and moods and made them my habits. Oftentimes, I was tempted to think absurdly, deeply, madly, but then, I moved fast to remind myself to switch off and think beautifully well; although there had been several circumstances that I couldn't really fake my mood that I cried and looked really mad.

Through it all, I realized that stress is a state of the mind. It moves voluntarily and therefore, is controllable. Hence, in order to manage stress, I must be aware of it and of the moment when i'm gearing to it. Statement to live by: I must never be enslaved by STRESS.


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts in this way..I'll try to do this when i feel stressed.. :) Bye for now..

  2. Hi ko! I'm not sure if ikaw ba tong nag leave ug comment sa ako blogspot, pero feel nako ikaw to, hehehe. wala man nimo gibutang imo site gud. hehe. and murag ikaw sad one of the people na gi introduce nako to Coelho. :) lagi, i loved the Alchemist pero iyang subsequent books kay di na dayon ko nahan.

    oi, musta na ka? mag marry na? :)

  3. Hi Ate Koko!


    don't be stressed na.

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