Microsoft Office 2007: The Best Way to Orient One

This morning, as a team, we visited our Local Government Unit (LGU) counterparts in Gingoog City to discuss some significant schedules and initiatives to be considered for the Project on Enhancement of Local Governance and Community Empowerment in Microwatersheds in Misamis Oriental (Project ELCEMM). After the meeting, we wanted to print some documents and suddenly one of the counterparts complained about Windows Vista. While he was substantiating his problem, I realized that his problem is not really with this Operating System but the Office installed in it.

Desktop computers, which were provided by JICA (the project funder) to the counterparts are absolutely one of the latests and, expectedly, they are installed with the Microsoft Office 2007. Unfortunately, this office version is new to them that they got almost totally disoriented with the applications, specifically with Microsoft Word. Well, it wasn't my first time to hear this comment, but then I guess, they're simply not ready to it or perhaps not too well with the 2003 Office to get to the 2007 Office.

To address this common concern, Project ELCEMM is in the process of developing a training design, which aims to develop computer operation skills among project counterparts in LGUs.

While searching online, I happened to read an article entitled Getting to Know Microsoft Office 2007. This article is such a great help to me, who might be facilitating the incoming training, and to everyone else who are not quite acquainted yet with the latest Microsoft Office. Personally, this article has given me a better idea on how to explain the new applications in the simplest way. In this article, items are well explained, organized, and itemized. Instructions are very reader-friendly and can easily be followed. Examples and instructions are very specific, which I guess are comprehensible to the oldies and the newbies. Salient items include:

Take note that these features are common to Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel. In other words, mastering these 11 features promote one as well to a higher level of acquaintance or orientation to these frequently used Office 2007 applications.

Aren't you familiar yet with the latest Office? Better follow this site's instruction. Absolutely, you will agree with me that the Microsoft Office 2007 is far better and more user friendly than the previous ones.

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