Asbestos Alerts

This has long been my concern and I nearly thought that this isn't true, but now, it has proven my worries.

Ten (10) years back, I was told by a friend that asbestos is carcinogenic because of its minute compositions or some fibrous crystals that when inhaled might cause respiratory tract infections, lung cancer, and some other illnesses that involve the respiratory system. Until I became aware of the information, I began to be conscious and observant on it. I have seen a lot of gymnasiums and houses, churches and buildings installed their roofs with asbestos mats under it, purposely to resist heat from the sun and absorb loud noises from within. It is seemingly comfortable but then I couldn't imagine the amount of minute and microscopic particles falling everyday from the ceiling since its installation up to the present.

I remember a friend in Davao, she brought home a lot of asbestos mats. I told her that it is carcinogenic. Unfortunately, she wasn't sure if she would believe me because she hasn't received nor read reports about it. As I watched the carpenter climbed and installed them, I definitely covered my nose and observed some falling asbestos mat crumbs. Now, it has worsen. Cars windshields are even covered with asbestos mats. Some sleeping mats have been developed out of this already.

This is most probably the reason why lung cancer cases and other respiratory tract illnesses and disease.

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