On Hospital Uniforms

I stayed in the hospital for five times already, of course I don’t want for more. The first was in 1981 when I was born of which I don’t know how everything looked like; second was in 2007 when my mother attacked from hypertension; the third and fourth were last year – 2010 – when I delivered my baby and when we had him admitted a month after for a water-borne disease; and, the last one was January of this year, when my husband was confined for measles.

During my stay in 2007, things were really far-off to me except for those in scrubs and in white lab coats. Yet, I would wonder about the difference in colors of these hospital uniforms. Definitely, those in white scrubs were nurses, while those in white lab coats were doctors. ‘What about those pale green scrubs, light blue scrubs, pastel yellow scrubs, and animated scrubs,’ I wondered. As always, I don’t wanna die in wonder, so, I asked those people in scrubs; then I knew that those in pale green scrubs were machine operators, those in light blue scrubs were medical technologists, those in pastel yellow scrubs were physical therapists, while those in animated scrubs were nursing aides and caregivers.

Scrub color assignments differ though from one hospital to another. One good thing I like about the variety of hospital uniforms is that medical workers are easily recognized.


  1. ADAR Medical Uniforms styles are manufactured in 33 beautiful solid colors that feature an array of stunning print fabrics as contemporary medical scrubs uniforms in stylish cuts and fits.

  2. I think that scrubs comes in different color because it define what sector are you working with. whether it be in a ward, ER and so on. amongst the color that i like the most are the Blue Scrubs because its very refreshing to the eye.

  3. I do not support the change to color coded uniforms. I think that it is nice to be able to wear scrubs that allow you to express yourself in some way.
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