Driving Home My Bosses

It was raining a little bit harder 7 hours ago, so I had the privilege to drive my bosses to their home locations. At first it was Kuya Joseph Labrador, the Project's Field Coordinator, who thought of taking a hitch by my brother's multicab (which I drive), but then he invited our Japanese boss, Mr. USUI Shunji, and Ms. Catherine Fonollera, the PPDO Consultant. I nearly said "NO" because I know I would be tensed driving with them in the car, however, saying so would be the most inappropriate of all responses and I think that would be too rude of me considering that it was raining, as I said, a little bit harder. Of course, I took the courage of driving for them and the privilege to bring them in their current addresses.

After having sent all of them, I felt glad with the opportunity and so happy with it. It was my first time to drive with a foreigner, a Japanese boss beside me, and 2 Filipino bosses at the back. I didn't quite understand the feeling while maneuvering the steering wheel, stepping on the pads, and changing gears. I don't even know why, yet, one thing for sure, I fixed my head on the road. hahahahah..

It's a rare opportunity and I don't even know when will it ever happen again. hehehe

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