This photo is taken by Ms. Catherine Fonollera, a consultant of the Provincial Planning and Development Office for the Project ELCEMM. We happened to be not just partners in the project but cohorts as well of photography.

In this position, I was capturing a better angle of the sunset at Duka Bay without me knowing that Ms. Cathy as well was taking a better angle of me. hehehehe

Photography has long been my passion. It is my way of bringing into the world a certain added level of consciousness to what you and other people may not be conscious or aware of. Realities that could be best examples of figures of speech in english classes or perhaps better topics for aesthetical and metaphysical discussions.

Except for this site's background, I don't edit pictures to enhance effects or whatever. I don't even have some light effects in taking them. I took pictures in its natural state and post or feature them as they are in order to convey it's exact message.

We all have different preferences and purposes in photography; different levels of passion and standards of perfection as well. My photographs are unique amplifications of my thoughts - deep thoughts. Thus, I always see to it that they are captured in ways that best ensembles whatever philosophical panorama in mind. By saying "philosophical", it covers beliefs, principles, attitudes, and everything.

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