Happy Birthday Ate Mayette

Today is the natal day of this very passionate woman of God.
She's a woman who not only cares a lot for her family, but her neighbors as well.
God has truly blessed her with wisdom and strategies in reaching them out and of touching their lives.
Ate Mayette, as we call her, came from a family of generous hearts. One activity I know of that they often do as a family is gift giving. Take note, they don't just do this during Christmas time. They give gifts whenever they are convicted to do so. In fact, when their place was hit by this year's great flood, where their stuffs just went to nowhere, they were still giving out gifts to their neighbors who were not so affected by the calamity. Amazing! By doing so, God has blessed them more and more.
By the way, Ate Mayette is married to Kuya Manny. They are blessed with two very attractive kids, Z-boy and Z-girl (Zane). This couple have good genes, right?

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  1. katoltol na gyud ko sa imong bloggrabe ako pangita na erase pagyud imo title sa blog kay luv.thank you gyud kau ha....touched gyud kau ko sa inyo mga post as in...naka luha2 gud ko....God bless!


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