Duka Bay

Two days ago, I joined JICA team among the LGUs of the Municipality of Alubijid and Gingoog City in an educational tour. The 2-day activity was spent sharing of knowledge, skills, experiences, learnings, and insights. We spent out night at Duka Bay.
I had been to Duka Bay 5 years ago by an ambush invitation of a friend who wanted to get some refreshment. She took me there, had some walking, chit chatting, and went back home. That experience gave me the idea how nice Duka Bay is, although I wasn't able to bathe in their white sand beaches, not even a ride over their rich aquatic resources. This time, for the second time around, still somewhat like an ambush stay at Duka Bay because all the while I was thinking that we'd be staying in some hotels in Gingoog City. Anyhow, I felt so privileged again to be in Duka Bay, eat and sleep their. Again, I did not bathe in the white sand beaches because I didn't bring any swimming wear, not even some short pants. Somehow, I was, in confidence, thinking that opportunities of getting wet and fully enjoy Duka Bay are at hand especially that I will finally join JICA team this May. I am so sure that I'd be going to Gingoog very often, which means to say that I would have many chances to immerse myself in this bay and even get all the details about the place.
Anyways, here are some scenes of the bay. I did satisfy this longing in me to be a photographer. hehehe. I hope my pieces will be much appreciated.

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