I Live in a Developing Country (Part 1)

Government employees and public servants are expected to work in "people-first" attitude.
This tag can be seen anywhere in the country and it's more than a decade campaign out of the culture of proscratinating and prolonging public/individual requests in government offices.

Development workers help communities develop a good plan (maayong plano) via 9S, SWOT, Problem Tree Analysis, Pair-Wise Ranking, among other participatory approaches.
Communities must move past the traditional day-dreamt plans, dictated projects, emotion-driven non-sustainable initiatives, among other politically-motivated seconds click projects.
Unless plans are gone through participatory/consultative approaches, communities will still be facing a bleak future.

Should our leaders stand for what they promised; should they perform their duties well and the tasks expected of them; should they think of their people ahead of their vested and selfish interests; should they craft and act upon appropriate and best plans; should the people humble themselves and call upon heaven; this child, his child, and the children to come will surely have more of what they need and even of what they want.

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  1. "people first" attitude expectations..i wonder when they'll ever live up to that. government is so screwed.


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