Who Taught You to Save?

My Ate Keket taught me to save. She was such a thrifty girl. Back in elementary, she told me to spare some peso and not to go too much on recess so I could buy what I want. As I looked at her stuff, true enough, she had lots of nice stuffs and sweet-smelling stationeries. In high school, she would save money so she could go and watch movie with her classmates because we were sure mama wouldn't give us some peso for that. In college, she was a scholar. There was once that she went home, she brought me t-shirt and a watch. I remember I was very happy then. Those were fruits of her savings.

My Ate Keket was not an accounting student. She never had any accounting classes unlike me, but she practiced proper accounting. I remember the moment when she told me "you must not waste money because we are not rich. Mama and papang do not have enough money for us." I never realized the significance of savings not until I received my own salary. Then, I realized that I need to spend wisely for all the tomorrows to come.

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  1. I do save too when I was in elementary but it so funny after a days of saving I open my alkansia and buy a lot of candies hehehe..


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