Return to Painting

It's been almost 4 years now that I no longer paint. I Used to paint my imaginations on illustration boards, sketch pads, and clean paper. I used to paint portraits, landscapes, and still life. Just to finish one, I wouldn't sleep all night. And, I loved my finished works although I see imperfections in them.

This is my first framed painting. I drew this in 1996 when our drafting teacher assigned us to do so. I only received a grade of 95% on this because some of the tinting and the shading are technically incorrect. Anyhow, I am happy having produced this masterpiece.
I had more paintings after this, but I gave most of them away.
Now, I really longed to return to painting again.


  1. then go back to painting. you have the talents.

  2. haahaha.. i guess, my blog life has eaten up my leisure hours na..heheheh..

    it's time consuming too. I'd better compose poems that paint. although painting is really really awesome painting after painting.


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