Let's keep the green!

Let's go green! Let's continue saving the earth! Let us be aware that the march 28 earth hour was just a general celebration for the earth. The campaign doesn't end their. The advocacy is not just a 60-minute reality. Let's keep on! Why?

People around the globe produces greenhouse gases daily. The intelligence of human race has produced technologies which created unprecedented circumstances. As such, we are no longer living with our interest (in financial terms), we are now consuming our capital. This less we have, let's be better stewards.

In some parts of the world, they institute carbon sink incentives. Some states pay to people who plant trees because carbon sinks in leaves, twigs, branches, and in other parts ofa tree. Other countries have Carbon Advice Group. This group checks, monitors, analyzes, and translates into layman's term carbon impacts from human-generated emissions; from which they create as well advice to individuals, businesses, the government, among others.

What about us? It's good to know though that we ranked 1st around the world in the march 28 earth hour campaign.

Let's keep the green! How about calculating your impact?

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