Our Plan

If this is part of God's plan, after JICA, I'll take the Mombusho Scholarship of Japan. If I could bring my BA their, I will, I hope I could find a package on this. He may work their while I study. After 2 years, we will go back to the Philippines, keep investing at the same time serve as part-time teacher at XU, or CU, LdCU, MUST, or COC. Part-time because I want to work on missions, too. Teaching, as I projected it, shall help me establish networks, shall give me additional income which in a way may finance some community works and outreach programs. BA may by then be better in business, so we could help more communities and more people and even go short-term cross-cultural missions.

Our ultimate dream really is to be able to establish a missionary-sending business enterprise. In this way, we see ourselves as truly free on earth for heaven; literally free since we'll be owning our time by then, since we'll be doing the things we love to do (both of us loves business and travels; both of us loves technology and mechanics; both of us loves God), and absolutely free to serve God.

God is a best friend, we both know that if this is apart of His plan, He will surely provide us ways such that we could truly say we are fulfilled Christians.


  1. Amen to u sister! surely, God will grant all ur plans in life...

  2. you can make it! Godwilling...God bless on ur plans..I'll pray for it as well :)


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