My Night with TM Club of Macajalar Bay

I knew it very well that I'd be called for some roles.
Tonight, I was asked to call the meeting to order, to introduce the guests, and to count the "crutch" words during the educational meeting of Macajalar Bay Toastmasters Club.
Meeting by meeting I learn new things and I grow in confidence. I once thought that I can speak so much better in a crowd. But, gone are the days where thoughts just come easily into my head. Gone are the days where ideas just flow hastily in my mind. Gone are the days where words just come out from my mouth in their proper sounds and diction. Today, it seems like, words slip off my tongue and I cannot simply control my jaw that I miss the right pronunciation.
One thing I appeciate with toastmasters club is that I get constructive criticisms. The club understands that the reason why I join is that I want to develop my leadership and public speaking skills. And, true enough, meeting by meeting, I learn new things and I learn how to handle new roles because I accept tasks handed to me. I accept them not because I am confident of delivering them, but simply because I want to challenge myself; I want to know more about the role or the task; I want to assess myself as to how far can I be in taking roles. Meeting by meeting I have known myself and my capacity to lead and to speak. Indeed, meeting by meeting I grow up as a person.

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