My ate is a scholar eversince college, probably even elementary and high school if there were. After college, she received a free training in Netherlands. After which, she was granted a scholarship in Belgium. Having graduated Master of Science in Nematology with the highest honor in Ghent University, she was again granted another scholarship. Canada this time at the university of Manitoba, where she studies Master of Science in Soil Ecology.

As a scholar, she is at the same time a researcher and a scientist. She works with scientists in the arctic. Yes, the arctic, and she has seen polar bears which she used to see in books and in televisions. As scholar, she was afforded the opportunity to travel, if I may remember, places like Italy/Rome, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Japan, Singapore, Canada, France, Paris, London, Venice, and the Philippines (hahahaha). Yeah, she had been to the historic sites of these places. It was made possible, aside from her thriftiness, by generous filipinos she met in Europe. She's blessed with friends like them.

I was never attracted to scholarships, not until I joined XU graduation where I saw different sorts of toga. I did wish, I have one like that of Fr. Jett.hehehehe

So, I told my ate that I am now convinced of taking a masters degree abroad as she had long been inviting and persuading me. She told me that she'll give me sites and online forms but I have found them myself online. Now, I am receiving scholarship updates from around the globe. And, as desired long time ago, I want to take the Mombusho scholarship of the government of Japan. I guess, after my term with JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) I will qualify as a scholar in Japan (If God wills it).

(If you are interested on scholarships, let me know, and we'll ask help from ate keket.)

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  1. ako pwed pod ko masters sa abroad?ingna ate ket beh....


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